Do you have pain and swelling in the inside of your arch that extends to the inside of your ankle? If so, you may have posterior tibial tendonitis or—even worse—it could be posterior tibial tendon disfunction.

That’s great to know, but what does this mean? Well, posterior tibial tendonitis is simply just inflammation of the posterior tibial tendon, which is a gigantic tendon that holds up the arch of your foot. This can occur in people with flat feet, flexible arches, or those who put stress on their feet for many hours per day.

If you have posterior tibial tendonitis and don’t seek treatment, it can turn into posterior tibial tendon disfunction, which is the tearing of the posterior tibial tendon. As the tendon breaks and tears, your arch begins to get flatter and flatter.

This usually occurs in people who do a large amount of running or walking, but most commonly occurs in women over the age of 50. It is very rare for someone under the age of 40 to have posterior tibial tendon disfunction; however, tendonitis is quite common across many ages.

Posterior tibial tendonitis can be treated with non-invasive methods, but posterior tibial tendon disfunction most commonly requires surgery—so don’t let it get to this point! Come and visit the Grapevine podiatrists at Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas to stop this disastrous cycle and seek treatment for your foot or ankle pain.

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