Have you noticed that your feet are getting flatter in your arches as you age? Are the arches of your feet or the inside of your ankle painful after prolonged walking? These could be symptoms of a condition called Tibial Tendonitis.

What is Tibial Tendonitis? Well the posterior tibial muscle is the muscle that helps you support the arch of your foot. If this muscle becomes injured or experience pain due to over use, you may have pain in your arches or up the inside of your leg along the course of the tendon. If treated early treatments can include rest, ice, immobilization, proper shoes, orthotics, and in some cases physical therapy to prevent worsening of the condition. 

If left untreated one can develop a painful flatfoot. Once you develop what we call an adult acquired flatfoot, conservative treatments may not be helpful and repair of the injured tendon may be required along with other surgical procedures to improve the function of your foot. So if you are having any arch pain, come on in so we can take a look. 

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