Are you embarrassed about the stink that comes from your feet. Do your husband’s feet stink? What about your children’s feet, especially your young athlete? Stinky feet have been plaguing man kind since the stone age! Thus, you can only imagine all of the home remedies. I once heard of one that consisted of soaking your feet in 7-up then barbecue sauce and then finishing off with a blow dryer. Sounds ridiculous to me but some people swear by it! So, what is it that instigates that odor and how do you really get rid of that smell?

The number one reason for stinky feet is perspiration. Your foot has many sweat glands on the bottom of the foot. Some people have more than others. It is just like the rest of your body. Some people just sweat more than others. It is estimated that there is over a quarter of a million sweat glands in your feet. So when your body heats up it releases heat via sweat from sweat glands.

Warm wet areas are a haven for bacteria. The bacteria live, reproduce and feed off of the foot, shoes and socks. The bacteria produce chemicals that cause an odor. Thus stinky feet are actually caused by bacteria!

To treat stinky feet we have to tackle the root of the problem: the sweat. The first line of defense is to wash your feet at least twice a day! Changing your socks to a dry pair in the middle of the day will also cut down on the bacteria because they need a warm, moist place to grow. It is also recommended to wear sandals often in the warmer months to allow your feet to breathe. When choosing what shoes to wear, try to stay away from black shoes. Chose shoes that are lighter colors and that has a lot of mesh compared to all leather. It is also strongly recommended to never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. This allows the shoes to dry and eliminate some of the stinky bacteria. Sometimes, these precautions are not enough or are impossible because of work or lifestyle restrictions. So then what?

There are products that can help dry the foot and decrease the sweat. These products must be recommended and monitored by a podiatric physician. There are different products for adults and children and thus you should never use products you receive for your husband on your children. Other products that a doctor can provide you with is anti-fungal and/or anti-bacteria powders. It is common for people with sweaty feet to acquire athlete's foot and toenail fungus. What starts out as stinky feet can quickly turn into ugly feet!

There is a negative stigma with stinky feet. No one wants to have them, no one wants to marry them, and no one wants to give birth to them, but sometimes stinky is just the way they come. Well, it is not as doom and gloom as it sounds. There are a number of simple treatments and other more advance treatments that decreases the stinky stigma and the chances of athlete's foot and toenail fungus. I don’t know about you, but I think talking to your podiatrist about your or your family’s unfortunate smelling problem is worth a shot!