Summer time is almost here. The weather is becoming nicer and all I can think about is ditching my boots and closed toe shoes and putting on my sandals. Are my feet ready? Have I been taking care of them all winter long? Are they dry or possibly cracked?

Here are a couple things to think about before you make the leap to sandal time:

  1. Make sure that the sandal you pick has a sturdy sole with good arch support. One with a strap that holds your foot in place is a great shoe. Those flat flip flops that are 5 dollars at walmart are going to kill your feet.
  2. Your feet should not have any open lesions if you are wearing an open shoe. Check your feet for dryness, cracks, blisters, or any signs of redness. Cracks or blisters can open during the day and bacteria can cause a skin infection. A cream that has a urea base to it will help get your skin sandal ready in just a couple of weeks.
  3. Make sure that you are checking your feet every day. Look in between your toes and at the bottom of your feet. Make sure to check them muiltiple times a day when you are wearing a new sandal or water shoe.
  4. Remember that sandals do not have the same support as your walking shoes. Do not wear your sandals when going on long errands, to the mall, or to an amusement park. It is better to save the open toe shoes for short errands, lunch with a friend and for pool time.
  5. Always remember that as a Diabetic you have a higher risk for developing sores, blisters and other problems with your feet. If you notice any issues seek medical attention with a podiatrist.