Diabetics must be extra cautious when it comes to foot care. Being diabetic predisposes people to neuropathy, a problem that makes it difficult to feel temperature, vibration, sensations on the bottom of the feet. If you have Diabetes, it’s important you begin taking care of your feet today! Check out our simple care tips below, they can prevent wounds and infections associated with Diabetes.

  1. CHECK YOUR SUGARS. It’s important you work with your diet and doctors to keep your sugars in check.
  2. LOOK AT YOUR FEET EVERY DAY. Look for cuts, bruising, swelling, red areas. If you can’t see the bottom of your feet, use a mirror or have a loved one help you check them.
  3. SPECIAL SHOES. Talk to your doctor about special shoes that may be extra depth in order to accommodate for hammertoes and bunions, to minimize friction wounds.
  4. KEEP SKIN HYDRATED. Make sure the tops and bottoms of your feet are lotioned up! Never put lotion in between your toes.
  5. NO BAREFOOT. Wear comfortable shoes that protect your feet always. Wear shoes when inside, outside, and yes... even at the beach.
  6. KEEP YOUR NAILS SHORT. Keep toenails cut short and straight across.

Stop in to see your healthcare provider if you see any cuts in the skin, have ingrown nails, notice any changes in foot shape or color. If you have calluses, have a professional trim and check them to ensure they are not pre-ulcerations. These are a few simple steps to keep your feet healthy!

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