Diabetic complications are becoming more well known. In fact, many people are advocating aggressive control of diabetes to control the diabetic complications. Some nutrition changes may further help limit these complications also. Let me list the 4 key elements that will help limit diabetic complications:

  1. Avoid excessive alcohol - Alcohol has been shown to to increase the oxidative damage to nerves that can further lead to neuropathy. Although regular alcohol use should not increase this risk, excessive alcohol can even cause neuropathy without other causes. Limit your alcohol consumption to reduce neuropathy risks.
  2. Well balanced diet - Eating a quality diet helps provide the necessary vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that are utilized by the body to repair tissues and maintain the functioning thereof. If a diet has limitations in any essetial nutrient, increased risks of complications will present. Some common vitamins that have been associated with diabetic complications include vitamin B6, B12, Folic Acid, and B1. Often supplementing this nutrients may improve complications, even the presentation of neuropathy.
  3. Avoid smoking - Although not exactly a nutrition aspect, smoking has been associated with decreased circulation to the feet (from the nicotin) and can cause significant complications to the extremities (feet and hands). Not smoking is therefore a key point to consider.
  4. Exercise - I have long felt that exercise of any level is an important part of nutrition. Eating correctly can only help to a point. Activities can improve the functioning of all the internal systems, improving the metabolism of foods, the digestion of foods and even the bodies use of these foods. This is one of the reasons exercise has been shown to not just limit complications but even improve symptoms of diabetes.

If you want to limit your diabetic complications, following these 4 steps can significantly help. So lets limit your complications from diabetes!