There is no simple answer to this question since all surgeries and all patients are different. The most common bunion surgery in America is an Austin bunionectomy. This takes 8-10 weeks for recovery.  4 weeks in a walking cast boot, then 4 weeks in a sneaker. Another common bunion surgery is a Lapidus fusion.  Our physicians utilize the Lapiplasty 3D bunion correction allowing patients to bear weight in a boot in just a several days, versus traditional Lapidus surgery that required non-weightbearing casting for 4-8 weeks.  Lapiplasty patients are in a walking boot for 6-8 weeks, and slowly progress to full weightbearing during their recovery while in a walking boot.   This procedure takes 12 weeks for full recovery.  Discuss your particular surgery with your surgeon, as all patients recover at different rates.

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