A common condition causing pain in the ankle joint is known as ankle joint synovitis. Synovitis of the ankle joint is when the synovial lining of the ankle joint becomes inflamed, causing pain and swelling to the area. The synovial lining of the ankle joint is a connective tissue that help makes up the joint capsule of the ankle joint. This lining helps lubricate the joint for movement and motion. Conditions like overuse and arthritis can cause this lining to become inflamed. Certain deformities in the foot and ankle can cause this overuse. Once this lining gets inflamed, daily activities can become hard to do cause of the pain in the joint.

Ankle joint synovitis can be treated in multiple ways. The common RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method can be used to help reduce the inflammation. Taking an anti-inflammatory helps reduce this inflammation and pain. Ankle braces or sleeve can help alleviate the problem. If these treatments don’t help get rid of the inflammation, then other treatments like steroid injections, immobilization, and custom orthotics can be used. If this condition persists then an ankle arthroscopy, otherwise known as an ankle scope, can be performed to clean out the synovitis and ankle joint. Do not let this common condition slow you down, if you are feeling any symptoms like this give us a call to get rid of the problem!

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