So you love your running shoes and your orthotics, but you can’t wear them to work! Bummer! Lots of patients come into my office asking about specific shoes that work with their orthotics. Unfortunately, shoes are much like jeans. There are lots of styles that fit different people well, but you probably don’t want to wear my jeans. You need to find the non-athletic shoe that work for you! 

So here are some simple rules to follow when trying to buy non-athletic shoes to work well with your orthotics:

  1. You should not be able to play twister with the shoe! If you can fold your shoe in half or twist it like a pretzel, your foot can deform it as well. A shoe should bend in the toe box and not bend in the arch or the middle.
  2. The bottom of the shoe should be sturdy, not flimsy. A good ½ inch to inch width in the sole is helpful. Leather soles should be avoided if you can.
  3. Try on shoes in the afternoon or evening since your foot swells during the day.
  4. Bring your orthotics with you when trying on shoes. They should fit in the bottom of the shoe flat. If the shoe is too narrow or curved, it can lift the orthotic and make it uncomfortable.
  5. Lastly, if your orthotic squeaks in the shoe then you can fix this with a dryer sheet under the orthotic.

 The staff at Healthy Steps Shoe Store is well versed in fitting shoes with orthotics, so stop on by and they can help!

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