1. Moisturize! Dry winter air and cold temperatures can take a serious toll on skin. Use a thick moisturizing lotion on your feet and legs daily to help avoid dry, cracked and irritated skin.
  2. Exercise your feet!   Check out or blog on deskercises! Stretching is a good way to avoid muscle cramps. Rotating your ankles can also help relax feet. Cup your heel and turn each ankle slowly five times to loosen ankle joints.
  3. Massage! Foot rubs are a great way to release tension, boost circulation and refresh skin after a long day on your feet. Take a few minutes to massage your feet at the end of a day of shopping and celebrating.
  4. Healthy, Safe, Quality Pedicure! Keeping our nails pristine is a must over the holidays. Check out our tips on what not to do when it comes to pedicures! Click Here! 
  5. Check your shoes! Wear comfortable shoes with good arch support and a padded sole. Stop into our Healthy Steps store for help fitting into the perfect shoe!

Come see us for all of your holiday foot care needs!


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