Can it really be that time of year again? Seems like summer was just getting started and flip flops were in full force. No doubt you have heard about or experienced the aches and pains that can occur when wearing flip flops. Well, that is no different when our kids return to school in them. So why worry about feet as kids return to school?

The current fashion trend for teen shoes varies from slippers to high heels, flats, soft tennis shoes, and the little ones love to wear some of the same styles! None of these options is appropriate for an 8 hour school day. And let’s not forget the dreaded flip flop! We inevitably see a whole lot of kids the first few weeks of school with foot and ankle pain due mainly to their poor shoe selection and compounded with increase in sport-related activities. If you haven’t done so, it is important to get out there with your child and find a compromise in a shoe that is both fashionable and supportive to help prevent pain and missed school days early in and throughout the year.

So what makes a shoe bad?  Here is a list of what to avoid in your child's back-to-school shoes:

  1. If it has a small, thin leather strip as the sole
  2. If it can be bent and twisted in multiple directions
  3. If the sole has multiple cracks along the edge
  4. If there is no longer a visible tread pattern
  5. If it is over 5 years old
  6. If the inside has exposed knots or seams
  7. If the inside arch is flat with no support

Consider Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas as your best resource for putting your child in the best shoes for this upcoming year! Better yet, Healthy Steps, our in-house shoe store, has all the bells and whistles to help make it all possible!


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