Having an Ingrown toenails can be very painful condition and almost everyone has suffered from them at some point in their life. What is an ingrown toenail you ask? Very simply it is the corner or edge of your toenail digging into the side of the skin.

This can occur from improper trimming of the nails, in children who tear the nails, improper tight fitting shoes, or a family history of the condition.

Symptoms can include soreness, redness, drainage and pressure when wearing shoes. Please do not dig at them in your bathroom or place cotton under the edges! And that wedge cut in the middle of the nail may have worked for grandma, but is really just an old wives tale. Infection will only get worse with bathroom surgery at home and you will still have to come see us.

At your appointment we may just have to remove a small piece of nail, relieving you of pain very quickly. In some more serious cases, we may have to perform a minor surgical procedure in the office to remove the part of the nail that is cutting into your skin. For nails that have been ingrown numerous times, We can use a chemical to prevent regrowth of the part of the nail that causes your pain.

In either case we can put you on the path to a quick recovery and give you the information and the treatment you need to prevent this painful condition from happening again.  

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