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Frequently Asked Questions and Fun Foot Facts

Frequently asked questions and fun foot facts all in one location. The patients in our Grapevine, Texas office love to ask a myriad of questions. We try to answer them all. Sometimes we even have to write a full length article on them, so take a look at our library as well. Have a question about your feet and ankles? You may find your answer here. Gait issues? Problems with shoes and socks? We have answers. Want more? Contact us and ask a question. We will answer!

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  • What is a copay?

    A copay may be assessed by the insurance plan on physician evaluations; it is a flat amount owed by the patient. Copays are typically an in network benefit. Providers have a contractual obligation to collect the copay at the time of service.

  • What is the difference between a Primary Care and a Specialist copay?

    A specialist copay is generally higher than a family physician, due to accessing a higher level of care.

  • What is a Family Deductible?

    A deductible may be assessed to the family by the insurance plan on evaluations and/or treatments. The family deductible is a combined effort of all covered family members.

    It is typically two to three times the amount of the individual deductible. When the family deductible is met, additional family members do not have to meet the separate individual deductible. (Please see FAQ regarding Individual Deductible)

  • What is an Individual Deductible?

    A deductible may be assessed to the individual by the insurance plan on evaluations and/or treatments. Services that apply to the individual’s deductible are collected at the time of service from the patient, until the deductible is satisfied. Contractual rates set by the insurance network determine the dollar amount the patient should expect to pay. In network deductibles are traditionally less than an out of network deductibles and they are not typically combined. 

  • What is a deductible?

    A deductible is the amount of eligible expenses an individual or family should expect to pay before a benefit or plan will begin reimbursing eligible expenses.  Since physcians line itemize their services, insurance plans will either apply the patients benefit to either the whole visit or to each line, depending on the structure of the plan and where the services are rendered. When services are performed in the physician's office, a "copay type" plan,  may apply the deductible to services outside of the evaluation such as: injections, casts,  procedures, orthotics, ankle foot orthosis. Other benefit plans that do not offer coverage under a copay, may apply the deductible to the evaluation in addition to the other parts of the visit. Should the insurance relay to our office that the patient's deductible is not satisfied and it applies to any of our services, we will collect the patient's portion according to the contract allowables.