From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have started more and more to run and work-out at home or outdoors. This is a fantastic way to get your daily exercise, and it is helpful for the body and the soul. With the increase of this type of exercise we need to be prepared. Running on concrete or hard surfaces can be hard on your feet. This can cause various injuries including stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, etc. The best way to combat this is to make sure you are wearing the appropriate gear. Make sure you are wearing the proper running shoes for your foot type. There are several shoe types that may work best for runners depending on their pronation, supination, low arch or high arch. The more you can keep your feet in the proper shoe gear, the less likely you are to get those pesky injuries. Having supportive inserts or orthotics in your shoes that enhance the control of abnormal biomechanics will offer even more support and protection. Over-the-counter orthotics are a great way to start and upgrading to custom orthotics is another fantastic layer of protection.

Stretching is also very key to avoiding injuries like plantar fasciitis. The abnormal pull of a very tight ligament or tendon can cause the inflammation associated with these injuries. If you start developing pain or symptoms in the foot or ankle, don’t hesitate to call for an appointment with your local podiatrist. The faster you can treat an injury, the faster it will heal. At FAANT we offer a full-service shoe store in the office with all the running equipment you may need to continue to get safe and enjoyable exercise in this time of crisis. We also make custom orthotics in office for the patients who need them. Now get out there and safely enjoy exercising!

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