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Pedicure for Well-Being! Zimmerman Jury only?

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USA Today’s report made me giggle that even Elizabeth Parker, Florida’s criminal defense attorney for the Zimmerman trial, considers pedicures important to one’s well-being! I have to say that I agree! We have been saying this for years!

Grooming your nails and your feet is important in general. We have a responsibility to keep our feet and nails healthy so they can schlep our bodies around for the “long haul” that is life! The more miles we go, the more maintenance they need. You may reach a point where soap and water or getting your feet up on the couch just won’t do! One day our feet get tired and we think we have done too much, but don’t hesitate to wear those heels or flip flop or unsupported ballerina flats the very next day! The skin on our feet gets dry and our heels sometimes crack, but we don’t commit to routine moisturizing! Our nails get brittle and discolored and we wait to see our podiatrist until they are noticeable enough to get embarrassed by them! 

What are some of the simplest ways of giving our feet some of the attention we pay to our hair and our finger nails and to the skin on our face?

For one, give your feet some support and some cushion more often. We do not need to be slaves to fashion at all times! If you can make it home before your night out on the town or before your luncheon with friends, then bravely go to the grocery store or to get your errands done in an athletic shoe for goodness sake! Dress up later! We only get this one set of feet! 

Just like the rest of our body, the skin on our feet gets dry as we age. Cracks in the skin can lead to a host of bacteria and fungus paying a visit. We can avoid much of this to a great degree by preventing dryness with urea-based creams. Urea has an enzyme that softens dry, flaky and cracked skin to a much greater degree than over-the-counter creams and moisturizers. Just remember to use it! (I keep mine by my night stand as a reminder!)

And about those toes - groom those nails! Pedicures can be wonderful without the worry of nail fungus when performed by a well trained technician with sterile equipment! As far as well being, well, just the act of soaking the feet and that fantastic massage gives them the break they need and gives us an excuse to slow down for a while! Florida makes jury duty a hair more enticing!

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