With the inclement weather hitting Texas over the past few days everyone has to be very careful with their footing on these surfaces. Yes, people are going to slip and fall on the ice no matter how graceful you think you are. When you have these falls, the foot and ankle often take the most impact of the fall. So now your foot or ankle is bruised and hurts when you walk but you know it will just go away in a few days, or will it? Many fractures, sprains, and contusions can cause multiple problems and lingering pain if left untreated. These injuries can also get worse if they continued to be stressed and walked on causing a longer road to recovery. Many of these injuries need to be treated by immobilization, physical therapy, or even surgery to get the best outcome. Post-traumatic arthritis from a fracture can cause debilitating pain in the future if not treated properly. Did you know a 1 millimeter shift in displacement from a fracture in your ankle joint can cause a decrease in greater than 40% of your contact area of the joint! Don’t let this be your future and get that injured foot or ankle checked out!

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