Have you ever removed your nail polish and noticed white splotchy patches on your nail? Patients often think they picked up something at the nail salon. Don't fret just yet! If it looks like this picture…good news, it’s NOT a fungus!

These white patches are called Keratin Granulations. Keratin Granulations are dehydrated parts of toenail where the superficial layers of toenail have been removed by either a chemical in the nail polish or polish remover. Nail polishes with Toluene and  Formaldehyde can be very drying for the nail plate. The chemicals in polish remover can also be very dehydrating to the nail. What do we do about it? HYDRATE your nail. Use olive oil, thick moisturizing lotion and give your nails a toenail polish break. These Keratin Granulations will fade in time. Want to paint your nails while these are healing? Come to our store and try our hydrating nail lacquer that works as a base coat.  Avoid using nail polishes with Toluene, Dibutyl phthalate(DBP), and Formaldehyde. It's also a good idea to take your own nail polish with you to the salon!

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