There is a pretense about diabetic shoes that they must be a clunky, uncomfortable, ugly shoe. This is not true anymore. Certain brands, like Dr. Comfort, have continued to push the market with diabetic shoes and we now have a plethora of options. Patients now have the options of an athletic shoe, dress shoe, all black shoe, and boots. These shoes come in multiple colors and widths for any type of foot.

Now the question is: “Why would I want one of these specially made shoes?”

The first reason is the custom orthotics that are made with the shoes. These orthotics are made from a mold of the patients foot so they are sized and fitted particularly to the patient. These orthotics help reduce stress to the foot. By reducing the stress this helps offload deformities and pressure points preventing ulcerations and calluses. Therefore, the foot has less pain to the deformities and appropriate support for the foot.

The shoes are also chosen for the foot type of the patient. If a patient has moderate swelling then we can accommodate for that in the shoe by the type, width, and material. This type of customization allows us to appropriately fit all our patients with the right type of shoe to alleviate any discomfort. This is very important in patients who are diabetic due to the high risk of developing wounds and deformities. So come on in and get your new stylish diabetic shoes!

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