Summer sun brings open toe shoe fun! Finding a cute, podiatrist-approved shoe for the summer sun isn’t easy. Here are FIXES to common summer sandal PROBLEMS to help you find the right shoe!

Gladiator and Strappy Sandals

PROBLEM: Causes irritation between toes, lack support and minimal shock absorption.

FIX: Find materials like soft leather for breathability.  Make sure the fit is appropriate with no toes or heels hanging off. Watch for friction rub of the toes on the straps. Our Healthy Steps store carries a variety of cute strappy sandals. 

Peep-Toe Heels

PROBLEM: Causes increased pressure on toes, pushing on forefoot.

FIX: They are so cute…we get it…wear them! Limit your wear time to 2 hours and switch into some good wide toe box athletic shoes on a down beat. Using a dress insert like the ones you can find in our Healthy Steps store is the best way to put your foot in the right position in those cute heels so you don’t hurt yourself.  

Flip Flops

PROBLEM: Arch and heel pain, stress fractures.

FIX: Make sure your sandal doesn’t bend, look for a rigid base to the sandal. Wearing a supportive sandal like our Vionic and Dansko sandals will keep you from having arch and heel pain and reduce your chance of a stress fractures.


PROBLEM: Pain in the ball of the foot, ankle sprains.

FIX: Ankle sprains hurt!! Look for a more stable heel that is stacked to keep the forefoot more equal. That way you don’t wobble off those cute heels. You can also use a dress insert.  Go for a wedge or stacked heel for the best fit!


We carry stylish shoes that will help keep your feet and ankles healthy! Come into our office for an individual shoe fitting and more information. 



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