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All About Feet Library

This is a library of every article written by a FAANT doctor or staff in the last few years. The collection is quite extensive and there are some overlapping articles, but basically this is everything you ever wanted to know about your feet and ankles! Throw in some running and triathlon advice mixed in with all about shoes and socks; and you have a FAANT lasagna of articles. Enjoy!

PS. If you want more content, send us an email and we will blog or write about it.

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  • Pregnancy And Your Feet: Adding Insult to Injury! I don't care if you are a size 2 or 20, when you get pregnant, by the sixth month most woman are complaining of some kind of foot and ankle pain.
  • Does Anyone Walk Normally? In this age of insoles and orthotics for every activity and every shoe on the market; patients will ask, "Does anyone walk normally?" And what is "normal gait"?
  • Exercising Hurts: Get Over It! Nine out of ten of my overweight patients rate pain, in some body part, as one of their top three excuses why they can't possibly exercise on a regular basis.
  • Summer Workouts Can Kill You: Preventing Heat Related Injuries Whether you live in Texas or Rhode Island; the summer heat kills child athletes every year! Here are ways to prevent heat-related injuries!
  • Your Next Step On A 75,000 Mile Walk Can you believe that you travel an estimated 75,000 miles on foot in your lifetime? Your feet are meant to last a lifetime, but are the hardest working part of your body!
  • Deadly Pedicure? Approximately $6 Billion are spent on spa related nail care every year. Unfortunately, you can take home: hepatitis, cutaneous herpes, warts, HIV, bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Does Running Cause Arthritis? Is it a foregone conclusion that if you run, you will have arthritis? Many patients are concerned that the aches and pains they have are harbingers for their future arthritis.
  • Are Your Feet Vacation Ready? Although rest and relaxation are the goals for most vacations, they usually involve a lot of walking and a lot of walking usually involves sore feet. "Walking is great exercise and one of the most reliable forms of transportation," says Marybeth Crane, DPM, FACFAS, a foot and ankle surgeon with Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas, LLP in Grapevine, Texas. "But if your feet aren't in the best shape or you don't have the right shoes, too much walking can cause foot problems."
  • Whats Hiding Under Your Nail Polish? My nails are thick, yellow and seem to have something growing underneath them. I'm not a dirty person, how did this happen? I get asked this question more times a week than I can count. Why do some people have nasty toenails that look like little mountains of yellow, thick rock? Fungus is the most common culprit!
  • What A Pain In The Butt! Anne was running the White Rock marathon in Dallas in 2007. It was a cold, wet day, and by mile 18, she had a "cramp" in her hamstring and into her butt. It continued to get worse and worse as it got colder and colder. First she described that her fourth toe went numb, then the entire bottom of her foot. By the time she got to mile 24, she relates being freezing, wet, miserable, and could not feel her left foot or calf! Quit? Never!