You have a bunion and if you have done some research you may have come across an office offering laser bunion surgery. Sounds high tech or like something out of a science fiction movie, and they’ve got your attention. 

Unfortunately, laser bunion surgery does not offer any real advantage over traditional bunion surgery. A bunion deformity is caused by bones that in the vast majority of bunion cases need to be cut and moved to a more normal, anatomic position. A laser does the same thing as the surgeon’s knife; the only difference is the claim that it reduces intraoperative bleeding when making the skin incision. This does not change the recovery time or the post-operative period in any way for the patient. 

Lasers can be useful to the podiatrist however when destroying skin lesions, but unfortunately they currently are not the wave of the future in bunion surgery and are often used as a gimmick. 

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