Black toenails are a common problem that can be caused by a number of different things. Of course, the most common reason for acquiring them is when people drop something heavy on a foot. Blood builds up under the toenail, and can remain very painful for several days. This ailment also frequently occurs when an individual participates in such activities as running, hiking, playing tennis, etc. with shoes that do not fit properly. Past injuries and ingrown toenails can cause deformed nails, which can increase the chance that this will happen. How can we fix your black toenails? The worst remedy that you can attempt is heating up a needle and sticking it through the nail. This may sound crazy, but people do try it and usually get an infection. Come visit us and let us take a look. We can trim the nail and drain the blood, and you will be on your way to clean toenails in no time. In more severe cases, we may have to numb the area and remove the entire nail. Sounds scary, we know, but it will end the problem quickly and you won’t get an infection. In any case, give us a call at 817-416-6155 so we can fix the problem before it gets more serious.

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