Do you suffer from heel pain? In this video, Grapevine podiatrist Dr. Marybeth Crane of Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas explains that heel pain is the most common reason most people visit a podiatrist.  

If you’re having foot pain, you have probably done lots of research on the internet, trying to self-diagnose your injury. It’s very likely that you—like many others—have decided that you probably have plantar fasciitis. You may be right; however, as Dr. Crane explains, plantar fasciitis can turn into a more severe injury called plantar fasciosis.

If you’ve been trying to treat your heel pain without the help of a doctor, you may be doing more harm than good. Most people self-treat their injury for nearly 4-6 months, and spend approximately $250 on over-the-counter items in an effort to heal themselves. However, waiting this long before seeking medical help frequently leads to plantar fasciosis, which is a chronic degeneration of the plantar fascia. At this point, your body’s mechanism to fix a plantar fascia injury has given up, and you’re faced with more severe injuries than if you had come into the podiatrist at an earlier date.

If you’re facing heel pain that you’ve been trying to treat yourself, stop! You could be causing much more harm than good, and may be enabling further degeneration of the plantar fascia. Call us at 817-416-6155 to learn how we can help you step onto the road to recovery.

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