This is a library of every article written by a FAANT doctor or staff in the last few years. The collection is quite extensive and there are some overlapping articles, but basically this is everything you ever wanted to know about your feet and ankles! Throw in some running and triathlon advice mixed in with all about shoes and socks; and you have a FAANT lasagna of articles. Enjoy!

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  • Treadmill Running...Just Slow Down! I was reviewing the post about Madonna falling off of her treadmill and started thinking of the injuries I see due to the perceived safety of a treadmill.
  • Top 3 Preperations For A Run As you prepare to run any distance, how you prepare is important. Of all the preparations you make, there are 3 top preparations that should be undergone.
  • It's Just a Jump to the Left... No, this isn't doing the "Time Warp!" I'm more interested in my runners who come in complaining about foot, ankle, shin, knee, or hip pain ON ONE SIDE.
  • Running Stores Know Runners A properly fitting shoe is vital to foot health in general, but especially if you're involved in an exercise program.
  • Foot Pain Ruining Your Golf Swing? The barrier to a perfect golf swing could lie in your big toe. Or your heel. Or on the ball of your foot. The physicians at Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas in Grapevine, TX, say these are the three areas of your feet most likely to cause pain that can ruin your golf swing.
  • Barefoot Running Good or Bad For You? Barefoot running has become a growing trend. It has gained a lot of popularity due to the publication of the book "Born to Run."
  • Is Yoga Bad For My Feet? I have always been curious about yoga. I have tried nearly every exercise in my quest to find the perfect one for me. The one form that I avoided was yoga.
  • Are Runners More Susceptible to Upper Respiratory Infections? A recent survey of 30 different studies of runners and decreased immune function that may lead to increased upper respiratory infections revealed little agreement from the experts.
  • Casting Better For Ankle Sprians A below knee cast was seen to provide better and faster results than a walking boot or ace bandage in severe ankle sprains!
  • Cold Weather Running Tips In Texas, the saying goes that if you don’t like the weather; wait 5 minutes, it will change. This week it’s been 70 degrees and 24 degrees. No wonder the we are all sniffling.
  • Extracorporal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is a procedure used to treat chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis/heel spur syndrome/insertional Achilles tendonitis). "Extracorporeal" means "outside of the body," and refers to this non-invasive surgical procedure in which strong sound waves are directed at the area of heel pain.
  • Ankle Sprains What causes an ankle sprain? These often occur from a fall, sudden twist or blow that forces the ankle at an abnormal angle.

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