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Frequently Asked Questions and Fun Foot Facts

Frequently asked questions and fun foot facts all in one location. The patients in our Grapevine, Texas office love to ask a myriad of questions. We try to answer them all. Sometimes we even have to write a full length article on them, so take a look at our library as well. Have a question about your feet and ankles? You may find your answer here. Gait issues? Problems with shoes and socks? We have answers. Want more? Contact us and ask a question. We will answer!

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  • Why do I have to see a podiatrist if I have diabetes?

    Unfortunately, even if you control your diabetes well, you can have manifestations of the disease in your feet. Diabetes can lead to foot problems including poor blood flow, swelling, numbness and sores that if left untreated can lead to amputation. Visiting a podiatrist is important to help prevent these problems and keep your feet in great shape.

  • Is a blister on a diabetic foot an emergency?

    Simple answer: Yes!
    A blister on a diabetic foot can be the only outward sign of a severe infection. Diabetic feet usually don't respnd to infections like a "normal foot". Redness, heat and drainage are usually the sign of a sever infection. A small blister is an earlier sign. The faster you seek attention, the better your outcomes! See a blister? Call the office!

  • Why is exercise encouraged with a good diet?

    Exercise has long been considered an important method to improve and prevent diabetes. It has been shown in multiple studies to improve blood sugars and it improves insulin sensitivity. The method of this improvement includes exercise inducing proliferation of glucose-transport molecules that then move to the cell membrane. In a recent study, however, vitamin supplements with vitamin C and vitamin E blunted this effect. It was found that with these supplements insulin sensitivity was not improved with exercise. Better than supplements, therefore, would be the diet rich in fruits and vegetables to continue to improve insulin sensitivity with exercise.